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Weekly Single Page of Cartoonmag / No 10


NO:10 , Saturday, 06 July 2024


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Abbas Naaseri / The publication of the call for the 9th "Kolasin" International Cartoon Competition of Montenegro prompted me to write about who tries to keep the light of art on with their love. Artists in love who could sit like others, wait and do nothing,  until today finally, the flicker of festivals and their pleasures have also been declining.

"Darko Drljevik" is one of these artists. Maybe if he hadn't organized a festival, many others and I still wouldn't know where Montenegro is located in the world. However there aren't a lot like Darko, people who were influential even as much as one event in these years, and the artists who are still active, But these few are also very respectable and valuable. Like: Damir Novak, Darotin Dado Kovacevic, Zdenko Puhin and Marko Ivic in Croatia, Fernando Pica and Triana in Colombia, Raed Khalil in Syria, Valeri Alexandrov-Walex, Trayko Popov and Tatyana Tsankova in Bulgaria, Nazmi Kozak, Metin Peker, OmerCam, Halit Kurtulmus , Mehmet Kahraman, Erdogan Karayel, Selcuk Demirel, Candan Fetvaci and Tan Oral in Turkey, Huseyin Cakmak in Cyprus, RudyGheysens, Vrije Tijd and Saskia in Belgium, Radwan Al-Ferekh in Lebanon, Michael Kountouris in Greece, Bernard Bouton in France, Paulina Maciejewska in Poland , Pol Leurs in Luxembourg, Peter Razus in Slovakia, Peter Nieuwendijk in the Netherlands, Valeriu Kurtu in Germany, Imri Musliu and Agim Krasnici in Kosovo, Julian Penapai, Marian Avramescu, Stefan Popa, George Licurlcl and Cristian Lazarovici in Romania, Antonio Antunes in Portugal , Naji Benaji in Morocco, Fawzy Morsy in Egypt, Bakhtyar Saed in Iraq, Rossem in Malaysia, Branko Najhold in Serbia, Mice Jankulovski in Macedonia, Agim Sulaj and Flora N Nikola in Albania, Vincenzo Bottecchia and Marco Fusi in Italy, Leng Mu, Xia Dachuan, Fan Lintao and Jiang Lidong in China, Dr Lim, Cheong-San and Lee Hee-jin in South Korea, Halyna Kurus and Konstantin Kazanchev in Ukraine, Vikram Nayak in India, Marcio Leite and Edra in Brazil and... or In my country, Iran, Javad Alizadeh, Masoud Shujaei Tabatabai, Jamal Rahmati, Hamidreza Mosayebi and Davuod Yarahamdi in Tehran, Shahin Houshmand and Mohammad Ali Valizadeh in Sari, the late Amir Sohaili and Saman Soli in Sanandaj, Fakhruddin Dost Mohammad in Kermanshah, Ehsan Ganji in Dehdasht , Hossein Eskandari in Arsanjan, Ayat Naderi and Payam Pourfalah in Isfahan, Mahmoud Nazari in Hamedan, Mohammad Saleh Razm Hosseini in Kerman, Rahim Baghal Asghari, Daud Deldar and Farhad Rahim Qaramelki in Tabriz, Masoud Ziyai Zard Khashui in Foladshahr, the late Shahram Rezaei in Ardabil. , Qureshi brothers, Mohammad Mahmoudi and Suleiman Mam Rahimi in Bukan, Saman Torabi in Ahvaz, Salman Mehdabieh and Ahmadreza Sohrabi in Shiraz, Javad Takjoo in Gilan, Majid Adibi, Mohsen Asadi and Qadeer vaqari in Mashhad, Ali Shabani and Vahid Alimohammadi in Arak. I am in my city Bojnord, and I believe there are many others around the world and Iran who have been forgotten due to my weak memory (I apologize to all of them).

According to my 15 years of experience in organizing over fifty cartoon and caricature festivals, I confidently assert that without the effort, selflessness, perseverance, and compassion of these individuals, none of these events would have occurred. Cartoon and caricature would have been marginalized, much like many other visual fields and became passive art forms.

I dare to say that if it wasn't for the follow-up and love of these dears, anywhere in the world, no manager would ever go to an artist with a bouquet to propose a project. All of these artists worked hard for every event they held, they have put their life, money, and youth until today they have been able to keep the light of this art on and introduce their city and country. Maybe they have been able to have a little influence on the managers and officials of their city and country, and as a result, they were able to ally them with these trends.

None of these guys have sought the selfish goal of promoting themselves, and they fought to create an event. As a result, they grew old so that they could fulfill their obligations. Undoubtedly, in the beginning, they were concerned about the geography of their place of residence, so that they could make their country famous in art and choose subjects that would help the excellence of the world in which they live. I am talking about those who had a right to choose, don’t do this kind of activity, but pledged all their strength to keep the cartoon light on and fulfill the commitments they make; But in most cases, others brag about these honers. I wrote these few lines just to say: THANKS, GUYS


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