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Weekly Single Page of Cartoonmag / No 9


NO:9 , Saturday, 22 June 2024 

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Abbas Naaseri / Fulfilling the commitment is the main requirement of every promise and agreement between two parties.

The discussion revolves around the commitment between the artists and the festival organizers per the festival's regulations.

Sending books and prizes is often forgotten, or the artist may have to wait and correspond for months or even years to receive them.

Many cartoonists have encountered this issue. Festivals frequently send colorful invitations to encourage participation but later fail to honor their commitments and adopt a "non-commitment movement." In recent years, we have seen that several festivals give prizes to the artists of the embargoed countries, in order not to pay the prizes, so they refuse to give awards under the pretext of sanctions.

Failure to comply with obligations has taken cartoon art to a point where some people even start publishing calls for participation with no commitments. Prizes and medals are virtual, Internet commendations, and books are published in PDF. All of us are aware of the current economic situation, these costs are staggering. Books are inevitably transitioning to electronic formats. But for artists, from a festival, books, tablets, statues, and medals remain as memories.

The minimum commitment of any person or institution planning to organize an art festival is to deliver a medal, statuette, or award certificate to the artist by mail as physical awards. In the future, If the non-committal procedure is continued in holding events anyone could publish calls, and collect desired works for free, exploiting artists.

Festivals want to exist, even if they lack financial ability because they provide cultural attraction and benefit their parent institutions. However, the failure of several festivals to fulfill their commitments, in return to artists who do not have expressive voices has been and will be an easy task for many.

Experience has shown that they are deaf to these words and pay no attention to delayed demands. Now, wherever they are in the world, there is no difference, But the performance of the festival is in fulfilling their commitments, which can guarantee its future.

All my writings address the existing problems and dilemmas of cartoon art and our pains.

At the moment, without a valid trade association in the world, calls are published without support. By sharing these texts, let's remind organizers and artists that "we want to improve the atmosphere of cartoon art."


This single page has been prepared to remind the news and calls published on the cartoonmagazine website and it is supposed to be published every Saturday.

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