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CALICOMIX Cartoon Contest/ Colombia 2024



“Humor in times of anger”

Let’s give the planet a smile



The contest is open to all ages and nationalities

-Caricatures or Illustrations:

-Create vignettes that address the proposed topic. You can use any style

-Satire and irony are welcome

-Express your ideas and send up to three works.

-The works must be digital files in A4 format and with a resolution of 300 dpi

-All works must be accompanied by the author’s name, nationality, age and contact email

-Works created with artificial intelligence are not admitted, and they must be original works. If proven, they would not be eligible for prizes or mentions and the responsibility falls exclusively on the participant

-The winning works will be exhibited within the framework of the celebration of the 30 years of Calicomix created in 1994

-Prize money will only be awarded in the name of the participant, no transfers will be made to third party accounts



1. First Place:

Two million Colombian pesos. COP $2,000,000.oo

2. Second Place:

One million Colombian pesos COP $ 1,000,000.oo

3. 10 honorable mentions


Note: The Children’s Category will not receive monetary prizes. Their works will be disseminated in a virtual exhibition on the Calicomix Foundation page



15 August 2024


Address for sending artworks:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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