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Weekly Single Page of Cartoonmag / No 6


NO:6 , Saturday, 01 June 2024




Fanciful Certificate

Abbas Naaseri / Let's talk  without compliments....

It is clear from its name "Certification of Participate." It means, that's enough, you just have to draw with any work, technique and idea or even  drow any line  on paper and send it for an event, so that this certificate of participate will be sent to you electronically. A certificate that has no artistic value in any way is  neither your award certificate nor its appreciation  nor even your presence among the accepted ones of the exhibition.

previously, I used to think that the publication of these types of certificates by my compatriot artists is probably because they don't have a correct translation of its text, and they think that by participating in an event, they have achieved something big; they publish and we should like them and congratulate them. But recently, we have seen that artists living in Europe or sometimes a number of more professional cartoonists have taken this action, and they are definitely aware of the content of the certificate. The question arises here, why???

Maybe when thier artistic activities become less, they are doing this to be seen by being active in artistic activities, or they think that by publishing the participation certificate, they can endear themselves to event managers and influence the judgment and results in their favor. Sometimes, they go further and change such certificates in their resume with the titles of commendation certificate or exhibition certificate so that they may fill the empty space of the credit they never got. 

Worse still, officials or decision-makers in artistic cultural organizations and departments also welcome them by praising, to, and from what they do. Now, I want to go one step ahead of these attendance certifications and look at the next step, "Certificate of wayfinding." This certificate, rather than indicating the merit of the artist, is seeking to create falsely meritorize in public opinion, who does not have much knowledge of what is going on.

In cartoon and caricature contests where sometimes even 80% of the works are selected in the contest, this certificate has no artistic quality value for the artist, and its publication has no advantage other than publicity for unfamiliar friends and managers and unnecessary meritocracy. Therefore, we must say that in cartoon and caricature contests, only winning the main awards, commendation plaques, and diplomas of honor can validate the artist's ability, and the rest is much ado about nothing.


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