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=09 May 2024 =

First International Cartoon Competition - Danube River, Rousse, Bulgaria/ EU 2024




-The major navigable rivers of the world have been the most used routes for people for millennia, a source of water and sustenance for them, agriculture, hygiene and other domestic needs. Water is the source of life. The river is its provider. People are its users. Nowadays, the river is still a way for transport, industrial, sports and tourism, it is still a place for fishing and recreation. But people look at the river in a different way

-On the one hand, it provides irrigation for agricultural crops, cools nuclear power plant reactors, carries away spent and filtered wastewater from industry and domestic use, provides bulk materials for construction, diverts water from smaller rivers during floods, to incentivize boat manufacturers and more. Large vessels and barges, harbor facilities and their repairs, bridges and ferries, and last but not least, it inspires the riverside poets, writers, artists and musicians, we would not or wouldto mentioned  "courtship" to enter also into the intimate relations of the sexes "There by the river "

-On the other hand, people already take care of the riverbeds and their catchment areas, from the source to the mouth. Starting from international conventions and agreements, the laws of each country, through the normative documents of the relevant ministries and agencies, the constant care of mayors and municipal councils, and reaching non-governmental organizations, environmental protection associations, local clubs and student organizations that are a guarantor of environmental and water protection. The river next to us – Danube 490th kilometer from the mouth of the Black Sea

-Every single word of the above can and should be revised, disassembled, defragmented, "jumped" and assembled anew, according to the visions of the author-caricaturist, brought out graphically to humor and satire, to message or entertainment, to meaning or cheerful nonsense, to a simple line or a picturesque canvas, but necessarily in the triangle of the triad: "WATER-RIVER-PEOPLE" and with gratitude to nature



 -Each participant can submit up to 2 cartoons made with any technique plus digital, scanned with jpg. 300 dpi. A4, up to 3 Mb per cartoon.Signature on the obverse in the lower right corner of the work.

-Entry form - mandatory in Word format in English

-The works that received awards in other competitions participate in the exhibition, but do not receive awards

-Only award-winning artists will mail the original work or signed print to an address they will receive upon presentation of a bank account



1st prize: €300

2nd prize: €200

3rd prize:€100

3 nominations – Honoris Mansion – 50 € each

Possible awards to companies and organizations

Certificate of participation for all finalists participating in the exhibition

E-Catalog for all finalists approved by the committee

The E-Catalog will be published on social media



10 June 2024


Address for sending artworks:

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









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