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=25 March 2024 =

Karpik Cartoon Contest Niemodlin / Poland    / 2024



fish, fishermen, fishing in nets, etc



-Participation in the Competition is free of charge

-Submitting entry of participation in the competition consists of sending to the Organizer an original version of a freehand drawing

-Drawings in sizes not exceeding A3 format are taking part in the Competition

-Each participant of the Competition is entitled to present a maximum 2 works

-Each of the entries submitted should be described on the reverse in the following manner: the date of completing the work, the author's full name and address, contact details such as the telephone number or the e-mail address

-The submitted work must be authored by the Participant. By accepting the Regulations, the Participant declares that he is the author of the work submitted to the Competition and that he has unlimited proprietary copyrights and dependent rights to use and dispose of the submitted work

-Works submitted for participation in the Competition which will not comply with the terms and conditions set out in these Regulations shall not be included in the Competition



Grand Prix – PLN 2,800 gross

Three main prizes – PLN 1,150 gross each



30 September 2024


Address for sending artworks:

The Works with the note "KARPIK" on the envelope should be sent to the following address:

Ośrodek Kultury w Niemodlinie,

ul. M. Reja1,

49-100 Niemodlin,




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