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= 05 June 2022 =

The 7th International Cartoon Contest Kolasin-Montenegro 2022



Compromise and Tolerance




-Participants can send a maximum of three works per topic. A total of six / 6 / works

-Each work must have the name and surname of the author, country and number of the work. Example: JOHN SMITH, USA 1, JOHN SMITH, USA 2 ... The first three papers must be on a given topic

-Rules on technique and size of work: Free



FIRST PRIZE: 500 euros, trophy and diploma

SECOND PRIZE: 300 euros, trophy and diploma

THIRD PRIZE: 200 euros, trophy and diploma

Five special awards - Salon Diploma



20 July 2022


Address for sending artworks:

Kolašin Cultural Center 81210, Montenegro-Montenegro - / for the International Caricature Festival /

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