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= 02 June 2022 =

International Circus Cartoon Competition "Salto in Eden / RUSSIA 2022



‏-laughter, surprise, fear and delight

Circus art brings not only the artistic and aesthetic development of the individual and joy, but also a surprisingly holistic perception of the world around the audience



- Anyone can take part in the competition, regardless of from education, place of residence and citizenship, sharing conditions of this Regulation

- Each participant can send no more than 5 (five) works A4 format, jpeg, 300 dpi at

-Works can be done both in color and in black and white

- Technique is free

- Information about the author must be

attached to the competitive works: full name, postal address, contact phone number, e-mail, as well as a brief creative. biography

-SPECIAL CONDITIONS Given the fact that circus art is a magical spectacle not only for adults, but also for children, cartoons must not contain:

a) Scenes of violence and cruelty

b) Bullying of religious beliefs

c) Scenes of an erotic and sexual nature



- First place BUFFON in the Golden Cap-trophy + certificate

Second place - BUFFON in the Silver Cap - trophy + certificate

Third place - BUFFON in Bronze Cap - trophy + certificate

- Moreover Special Alexander Aleshichev prize, Special Oleg Tesler prize, Special Valentin Rozantsev prize, "Amusing Palette" medals and special sponsor's prizes

- All authors who will not win prizes, but will be shown at the exhibition, will receive certificates at the address they sent



01September 2022


Address for sending artworks:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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