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= 19 November 2021=

50th International Contest of Humoristic Graphics / Italy






-The contest is open to all cartoonists, illustrators and graphic artists from all over the world

-It is possible to participate also out of the competition

-Authors can participate with a maximum of 3 works (Cartoons or Strips), inherent to the theme proposed in relation to man, his existence and the society where he lives, seen in a humorous viewpoint

-In order to be understood worldwide and beyond every linguistic barrier, the works must be without dialogue or texts

-Works must be inedited (that is, neither published before nor used to partcipate in other competitions)

-The works, in black/white or color made with any technique, must be in GIF, JPG, PNG or PDF, 150 dpi resolution, saved in high quality, weight max, 3 MB. Larger files will not be accepted



the “International Grand Prix Scacchiera”

the Special prize “Sandro Carlesso”

the special prize “Marco Sartore”

and 10 Special prizes “Umoristi a Marostica”



27 February 2022


Address for sending artworks:

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