today : Saturday, 22 January 2022




= 18 November 2021=

The 6th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest /Turkey



 Breaking Free of Addiction



-Submissions will remain open to all artists both professional and amateur worldwide on

-This year, we added the 'Under 16' category



This Year’s Total Prize Amount Raised to 90,000 TL

he first place winner will receive 15,000 TRY

the second place winner will receive 12,500 TRY

and third place will receive 10,000 TRY

Additionally, 7,500 TRY will be awarded to the 3 achievement award winners each, as well as another 3,500 TRY to the Mazhar Osman Special Award winner

 The ‘Under 16’ category, taking submissions this year for the first time, will earn 3 winners 7,500 TRY



31 January  2022


Address for sending artworks: Click Here




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