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= 07 November 2021=







Five people in each section will be awarded a gold medal along

All those whose works are published in the festival catalog will be given a certificate of attendance and a book of the festival as a gift


:Artwork Profile

Number of works : 5 works

Template : color and black & white

Size of works : max A3 and min A4

Format : 300 DPI, JPEG, and RGB format


:Festival Calendar

Deadline : 20 March 2022

Judging works : 4 April  2022

Introducing the chosen ones : 20 April 2022

Email for sending Art Works:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


:General Conditions

-1 All participants must fill out an entry form to participate in the festival.

-2 The subject of the photos, digital paint and cartoon must be humor.

-3Humor theme can include; everyday life and activities, behaviors of politicians, war, street protests, etc.

-4The festival is not responsible for the copy works that are intentionally sent to the Artoonist festival and are far from being recognized by the judges.

-5The original of the selected works will be displayed for sale in an annual exhibition in coordination with the owners of the works during one year.

-6The sale of works will also include the works of the judges of the previous year.

-7For all the works published in the exhibition book, a certificate of attendance and an electronic catalog will be sent.

-8 The owner of selected or published works in the festival book that will later be proven to be a copy, the work will be permanently removed from the Artoonist Festival competition.

-9The festival is allowed to use the works sent to the festival and the selected ones in the form of books, postcards, posters for advertising purposes.

-10 Participating in the festival means accepting all the rules of the festival.

-11Participants will  receive the latest festival news by subscribing to the Artoonist telegram channel.





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