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= 09 September  2021=

Voting is open!, ZeGeBOOM! 01 International Cartoon Exhibition   


 To whom it may concern


We are happy to announce that the voting for the 01 International Cartoon Exhibition ZeGeBOOM! is now open!

Our expert panel selected one work from all 163 authors who applied for this call from 43 countries around the world (thank you all!)


How can you vote?!

Audience votes only for one work (we know it will be a difficult choice!) and the work that gets the most public votes will be included in the Final Exhibition that will be held on Tuesday 9 November 2021 at Gallery Modulor in Trešnjevka Cultural Centre (Park Stara Trešnjevka 1, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia)


Other works that get in the Final Exhibition will be selected by an expert panel of cartoonists and people who are experts in this field of work


Please vote by the end of September 2021:


by replying to this email and sending only one number of the work you find to be the best. If more than one number is sent, we will take into consideration only the first number


Thank you for your participation + please feel free to forward this email to all those you think might be interested in voting for 01 International Cartoon Exhibition ZeGeBOOM!


Best regards,

ZeGeBOOM! Team




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