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=26 July  2021=

Manga Pandemic Web Exhibition, Japan 2021



Mutant strain



After Corona




-This web exhibition is open to anyone from all over the world, regardless of nationality or age, and inclusive of both professionals and amateur artists

-Size, Shape: Any size and shape are welcome

-The artwork format can be single-panel satirical manga, story manga, or illustration, etc

-JPEG file not exceeding 10MB, and at least 2000 pixels on the longest side

-Language: Japanese or English

-Either monochrome or color is acceptable

-When applying please let us know: (1) Your name (pen name is acceptable), including notation in Roman alphabet if your name is written in another script. (2) Your chosen theme (A~E) (3) Title of your work (Japanese and English) (3) Nationality (4) Date of production (5) Your contact information (email address and phone number)



31October 2021


Address for sending artworks:

Kyoto Seika University International Manga

Research Center c/o Mr. Ito.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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