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=26 July  2021=

International Cartoon Competition (No. 4) by the theme of "Climate Technology-Estonia 2021  



Climate Technology

- Solar panels

-  Air conditionings

- Ground source heat pumps

- Ventilations

- Air humidifiers

-  Air curtains

- Central vacuum cleaners

- Floor heating

-  Sauna stoves

-  Infra-red heating

- Geothermal

-  Etc



-Every author is allowed to send in up to 5 cartoons, but only one cartoon per author will be awarded

-The cartoons can be previously published, but should not have been already awarded

-All cartoons are welcomed, granted that no copyright laws have been broken

-All cartoons must be square-shaped and with the sizing of 2480 x 2480 px (210 x 210 mm) and 300 dpi, JPG or PNG format

Both, colourful and black-and-white cartoons are allowed

-Cartoons must not contain any text except internationally known English expressions (OK, S.O.S, HELP, etc.)

-The authors first and last name, address, and e-mail address must be submitted with the cartoon



I place – 1000 €

II place – 500 €

III place – 300 €

* 2 special prizes – starting from 100 €



30 September  2021


Address for sending artworks:

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