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= 14May  2021=

International award Caneva Ride Italy 2021



out of the frying pan into the fire



-The award is open to all cartoonists of the world from 16 years old. Participants can apply individually or in groups (in case of several authors, the referent for all communications with the award’s promoters shall be indicated)

-Up to three unpublished works, realized by any technique, color or black and white, which haven’t been awarded in other prizes.

The maximum format shall be A4 (21x29.7 cm) 

-in .jpg, .tiff or .pdf format at a resolution of 300 dpi, together with the registration form with personal data ( name, surname, full address, telephone number, in the case of minors, the name of a parent authorizing the participation)

-The individual files must not exceed the weight of 5 MB. For more works proceed with individual submissions



FIRST PRICE euro 600,00

SECOND PRICE euro 250,00

THIRD PRICE euro 150,00



than midnight on JULY 17, 2021


Address for sending artworks:

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