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= 27 April  2021=

IV Open International Caricature Competition on Road Safety/Russia2021



preventing traffic offenses, road accidents and reducing the severity of their consequences

- forming stable knowledge of traffic rules, skills of safe behavior on the road, respectful attitude to each other, educating for self-discipline and personal responsibility for actions in the process of traffic

- forming a positive image of traffic police and traffic police officers

-Adult section:

- a call to drivers for being attentive (not distracted) on the road;

- a call for being compliant with the speed limit on the road;

- ensuring the safety of child passengers;

- ensuring the safety of pedestrians;

- ensuring the safety of cyclists;

- other topics on road safety.

-Children's section:

- ensuring road safety while using personal mobility equipment;

- ensuring the safety of road users (pedestrians and cyclists) with the use of retroreflective elements;

- a call to drivers for being attentive to children on the road.



- Participants of the adult section

Professional artists and amateurs

Participants of the children's section-

The participants can be juveniles under the age of 10 to 18 years

-The number of drawings accepted for consideration from one participant is not limited

-The technique of drawing is free and not regulated

-JPEG, 300 dpi, at least 3600 pixels on the long axis



The winners and prize-winners of the Competition are awarded with souvenirs and visual promotion on road safety



30 May  2021


Address for sending artworks:

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