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= 15 April  2021=

International Cartoon Festival olensekartoenale Belgium 2021



A visit to the museum

Right to a fair trial



-All contestants will be admitted with no distinction made regarding nationality or age

-There are two categories:

• Youth category up to 15 years inclusive;

• Adult category: 16 years and older.

-Both professional and non-professional cartoonists are allowed to participate in this contest

-The originals of the rewarded cartoons and your curriculum vitae and a photograph will be asked and must be sent to Community Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen, Belgium within 2 days after the request of the organization



For the adult category:

1st prize: 1500 euro

2nd prize: 700 euro

3rd prize: 400 euro

4th prize: 300 euro

Prize of the city of Bialogard (only for Polish participants): 200 euro

Special prize Amnesty International: 350 euro

For the youth category:

Prize for best international work: 250 euro

Prize for best Belgian work: 250 euro



13 September 2021


Address for sending artworks:

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