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= 01 April 2021=

the 11th International Biennale “Masters of Caricature”, Plovdiv 2021, Bulgaria






-The Biennial for Caricature is open to professional and amateur caricaturists from all over the world

-Each participant should send up at least one piece of work 210/297 (A4 format)

-The caricatures may be colourful or black-and-white

-Caricatures, sent only via email can be included in the exhibition but will not participate in the competition and will not be awarded

-It is advisable that together with their caricatures, participants also send a photograph or take-off and CV


An international jury will nominate five caricaturists who will be conferred the title Master of Caricature



31 July  2021


Address for sending artworks:

Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv

2 Dr. Stoyan Chomakov str.

4000 Plovdiv


Phone: ++ 359 32 626339

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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