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= 28January  2021=

World press cartoon contest | Portugal 2021



Editorial Cartoon, Caricature and Humorous Design


In the category of CARTOON EDITORIAL are considered all the works that deal with current issues and events


In the CARTOON category, works of caricature in the strict sense are considered, being exclusively humorous portraits admitted



In the HUMOR DESIGN category, works that deal with themes with no direct relation to current events are considered


Authors are free to present the works they consider the best but, obviously, the characters, themes and events of more universal reading are the most suitable for an international exhibition of these characteristics

Only the originals of the works are admitted to the contest


Quality impressions of works elaborated by digital or mixed techniques will be considered originals when signed by the author’s hand, with the condition that the description of the techniques and software used is expressed in the registration form


In case works elaborated by digital or mixed techniques are presented to the contest, it is mandatory to attach the respective digital files, on CD, DVD or USB flash drive


The format of the works must not exceed the European standard A3: 420 x 297 mm


Each cartoonist may submit one original for each area of the show: Editorial Cartoon, Caricature and Humor Design


It is a condition of admissibility that the works have been originally published between January 1st and December 31st, 2021, in newspapers and magazines of regular periodicity and sale to the public, or in professional on-line publications of recognized journalistic nature

To prove the condition expressed in the previous paragraph, in the case of paper publications, each original must be accompanied by the respective full page, in which the date and title of the newspaper or magazine are visible (cuttings, collages, photocopies or other forms of reproduction of publications are not accepted)


In the case of on-line publication, each original must be accompanied by a high-resolution printed reproduction of a screenshot of the page on which it was published, in which the date and title are clearly visible, authenticated on the back by the editor


In order to confirm the admissibility of cartoons published online, it is essential that the access link to the publication page is correctly filled in the registration form and remains functional until 31 March 2021


The author must attach the headline of the newspaper or magazine in which the competing works were published, with size and quality that allow their reproduction


 If the original has a title, subtitles or other words, they must be translaed into English and included on the label that accompanies the original


Works competing in the Caricature category must mention the name of the caricatures


Works must be received at the organization’s secretariat by January 31, 2021


The author must indicate in the registration form his complete address with street, city, postal code and country




 20February 2021


Address for sending artworks:


Concurso Internacional World Press Cartoon

AP. 1179 EC Picoas 1050-001 Lisboa –






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