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Editorial Car  toon


Gag Cartoon



It is an essential pre-requisite for eligibility that the works were originally printed between January 1 and December 31, 2019 in printed newspapers or magazines, published on a regular basis and on sale to the public, or in professional online publications of recognized journalistic nature


In cases of online publishing, each high resolution original work must be accompanied by a CD, DVD, or USB ‑ash drive with an active link, so as to allow a publishing view, until 31 March 2020


Works presented under Caricature Category must mention the name of the caricatured personality


The World Press Cartoon is not a thematic event


Its objective is to distinguish the best cartoons created and published in 2019


In the category  EDITORIAL CARTOON, all entries must represent  events and issues that marked the news in 2019


In the category   CARICATURE, only  works in the strictest sense of the term will be considered, i.e., exclusivel  y humorous portr aits

In the category   GAG    CARTOON, the works to   be considered will feature  subjects that  are  not directl y related to current issues


Authors are free to  submit what  they consider to  be their best work,  although clearly  those personalities,  themes and events of amore  universal nature  will e best suited to  such an international salon as the World Press Cartoon


Top quality   printed versions of works produced by  digital or mixed techniques will be considered originals when they are signed by  hand by  the author,  who must indicate  the techniques and softwar  e used on the competition application form


The original files of works pr  oduced by  digital or mixed techniques must also be sent,  either on CD, DVD or flash drive


The format of the works cannot exceed the Eur  opean standard A3: 420 x 297 mm


The author must pr  ovide his/her full postal address as indicated on the application form, including street, town/city, postcode and countr

y.e) For purpose of works and catalogue expedition, Postal Office Box numbers are not accepted



GRAND PRIX    € 10 000


1st Prize      € 3000      1st Prize       € 3000       1st Prize € 3000      2nd Prize € 2000      2nd Prize      € 2000

2nd Prize € 2000   3rd Prize €

1000     3rd Prize       € 1000      3rd Prize € 1000b) Chosen fr om all the entries in the competition, the World Press Car  toon will award  the best work with the Grand Prix of 10 000 euros



 31January  2020


Address for sending artworks:

Concurso Internacional World Press Cartoon AP. 1179 EC Picoas 1050-001 Lisboa – Portugal



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