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30th Biennale Internazionale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte




caricatures of illustrious figures



The contest is open to contemporary artists of any nationality and any age


who are allowed to enter a maximum of three works which must be unreleased and authentic


free in size and technique, and performed in whatever form of visual art, material and support – pictorial, graphics, sculpture and installation, photography and video


Computer-aided digital visuals, as well as photographic source artworks with purely structural digital fix are also allowed


to enter the contest as long as they are produced in paper format and are autographed and numbered by the authors




1st money prize - € 3,000.00, will be awarded to the winner of the 2019 Exhibition. In case of a tie, the prize money awarded will be split among the winners


2nd Prize - € 1,000.00


3rd Prize - € 500.00



“Premio Luigi Mari” (“Luigi Mari Award”) for caricatures of illustrious figures


1st Prize - € 1,000.00


2nd Prize-€ 500.00


Other special commendations may possibly be awarded by the jury



 04October 2019


Address for sending artworks:

Segreteria della “30th Biennale Internazionale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte”, Palazzo Europa, Via Tambroni n. 4, 62029 TOLENTINO (Italy)


Entry Form:Click Here









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