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Humour a Gallarate 2019” International Cartoon Contest XXIV Edition
Grand Prix ‘Marco Biassoni’  ‘Osvaldo Cavandoli’ Award



The Sixties

Years of great social, historical and cultural ferment. The authors can freely draw inspiration from events, facts or characters that have marked this era: music, the Beat Generation, student revolutions, the economic boom in the West, the crisis in Cuba, the Vietnam’s War, scientific discoveries and the conquest of the Moon, only to suggest some



The contest is open to all professional cartoonists, caricaturists, illustrators and graphic

artists from all over the world



The competition is divided into two sections: A) Humor Graphic B) Caricature

A) Humor Graphic (as a humorous drawing, regarding nowadays real problems)

B) Caricature (caricature means a parody portrait of a well-known character. It is mandatory to mention also the name of the caricature characte



Each participant can submit up to three works for each section, specifying the title



The works must be UNPUBLISHED, accompanied by the participation card, biography and

photo. Any work already published on paper or on the web will automatically be excluded from



 Size: A4 (cm 21 x 29,7)



Technique: Free



The artworks can be made with any technique, including digital techniques


The artworks could be sent in two ways: A) Sending the artworks’ original

B) Electronic submission


A) Sending originals by post: each artwork must be signed by the author, with the

personal information (name, surname, address), title and technique. The works,

accompanied by the participation card, must be sent to



Electronic submission: The file must include the author's name and the progressive

number (example: COUNTRY_surname-name01.jpg, COUNTRY_surname-name.jpg, etc)



File format: JPG, 300 DPI, Max 2MB for each image


The files, accompanied by the participation card, should be sent by email to




Grand Prix "Marco Biassoni": 1.000 € + diploma for the best artwork among the two sections, Graphic Humour and Caricature

-    1° Prize: 500 € + diploma: best artwork for Graphic Humour section

-    1° Prize: 500 € + diploma: best artwork for Caricature section

-    Jury Special Prize + diploma, for Graphic Humour section

-    Jury Special Prize + diploma, for Caricature section

-    5 honorary mention for each section


-    “Cava Award”: 500 € + diploma. The special "Cava Award" named after Osvaldo Cavandoli, creator of the celebrated "La Linea" character, will be assigned to the artwork, chosen from all the sections, that will combine best the beauty of humorous, satirical or caricatural content with the essence of the core graphic execution



31May 2019


Address for sending artworks:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Humour a Gallarate"

Pro Loco Gallarate - Vicolo del Gambero, 10, 21013 Gallarate (VA) ITALY


Entry Form:Click Here









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