today : Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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Results OF 1st Welt Heimat War and Humanity International Cartoon Contest/Germany


First Prize: Darko Drljevic / Montenegro

Second Prize: Abbas Naaseri / Iran

Third Prize: Vasco Gargalo / Portugal


Mention: Constantin Pavel / Romania

Mention: Jose Antonio Costa / Brazil

Mention: Mahmood Azadnia / Iran

Mention: Luc Vernimmen / Belgium

Mention: Marco De Angelis / Italy

Mention: Galym Boranbayev / Kazakhstan

Mention: Eray Özbek / Turkey

Mention: Mikhail Zlatkovsky / Russia

Mention: Jitet Kustana / Indonesia

Mention: Michel Moro Gomez / Cuba

Under 18 Years Old Özemek Special Prize: Emek Gülcan Kutlu / Germany









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