today : Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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winners of The international competition and exhibition "Brain Sneezing & Salto Mortale / Slovakia


Theme : Salto Mortale & Populismus

Saskia Gheysens,  director of European Cartoon Centre, Belgium

  Istvan Kelemen, a cartoonist, illustrator and the organiser of cartoons competitions, Hungary

 Vladimír Kazanevsky, a cartoonist and writer, Ukraine

Lubomír Lichy, a cartoonist, Czech Republic

Ilya Katz, a cartoonist, Israel

Henryk Cebula, a cartoonist , Poland

Apolonia Sejková , the Brain Sneezing Gallery, Slovakia


Decision of the International Jury

 Official results of the international cartoons competition Brain Sneezing

from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back 2018



First prize: Andrej Popov, Russian Federation


Second prize: Slawomir Makal , Poland


Third prize: Doru Axinte, Romania


Sarisian Gallery in Prešov Prize: Constantin Sunnerberg, Belgium


Brain Sneezing gallery prize: Dariusz Dabrowski, Poland


MyMamy prize: Marie Plotěná, Czech Republic


Honorary award:  Mohammadali Khalaji, Iran


Honorary award: Xavier Bonilla BONIL, Equador


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