today : Wednesday, 19 September 2018
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the 4th Macao International Contemporary Illustrations Competition(2017-2018)



Food Culture and Gourmet Story



- Illustrations from all over the world are eligible

- Registration fee: USD 8 / work(Limited to 4 pieces of artworks)

- Works shall be the original works after 2015

- The theme of the work shall conform to the theme of the competition, and the style, artistic expression technique and work contents are not limited; Manual work, digital work or work created with the integrated media are all allowed; Painting, picture books, graffiti, original game pictures, cartoon and commercial illustration are all allowed

-The copyright of the works shall be owned by the competitors

- After the 4th Macao International Contemporary Illustration Competition (hereinafter referred to as "the competition") accepts the online application of the applicant, the applicant shall agree that the applicant will not charge any fees. The China Culture Promotion Association will be authorized by the applicants to use the documents submitted by the applicants for promotion/exhibition activities of relevant awards or advertisement and printing materials of media

- All the competition works shall not involve contents violating the public orders and good conventions such as pornography, violence, slander, etc

- The applicant shall confirm and ensure that the applicant is the owner of the competition work or the applicant has been authorized by the owner of the competition work with all the rights, including but not limited to the copyright, design right and other rights of the competition work and the relevant intellectual right of the competition work

- Terms and conditions of the agreement shall be formulated both in Chinese and English. If there are disputes in the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail



City Memory Great Prix(1)  MOP 8,000

City Memory Gold Award(1)  MOP 5,000

City Memory Silver Award(1)  MOP 4,000

City Memory Bronze Award(1)  MOP 3,000

City Memory Jury Award(4)    MOP 1,000

City Memory Finalists Award(30)  Certificate& Portfolio





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