today : Friday, 20 April 2018
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the Salão do Humor  da cidadania "Prejudice Is Not Grace






is to expand the integration of sectors of society to the cultural agenda of inclusion in the fight against prejudice, strengthening of citizenship, promotion, defense and protection of human rights, through of humorous graphic design in the categories of cartoon, cartoons, cartoons and humor strips, revealing 1) prejudiced attitudes; 2) coexistence and respect for differences; 3) defense of human rights


 formed of preconceived ideas, fueled by beliefs, feelings, behavioral tendencies, starts from a judgment or opinion that is usually based on limited, superficial information on the subject at hand. Misinformation about the judge or opinion can create stereotypes. This can lead to treatments in a discriminatory and criminal manner. The most common types of prejudice are those based on race, social status, sexual orientation and disability, although intolerance is not limited to these forms but to any ideas or expression of any person


The professional or amateur cartoonists (16 years old), local, from other states and abroad, of Brazilian and foreign nationality, may participate


Each participant can compete with up to three unpublished works (cartoon, cartoons, cartoon or humor strip), modalities: 1) prejudiced attitudes; 2) coexistence and respect for differences; 3) defense of human rights to compose the general theme of the hall of humor, "prejudice is not fun"


The candidate, when signing up for this event, is aware that he / she is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data and authorship of the submitted works, responding civilly and criminally if it is proven, during or after competition, the falsity of the data or authorship. works sent


The registration will be made at the time of delivery of the work(s)


Application forms will be made available in public places and on the own site to be formalized / disclosed


The registration can be done directly, via the website or by the Post Office


The homologation of the inscriptions made in the site will be confirmed by means of e-mail, in the others it is the left-hand one of the registration form


The registration will imply acceptance of this regulation, in all terms, as well as in the compliance with the final result of the contest and as to the destination and use of the drawings


The works must be sent in horizontal or vertical A3 (297 mm X 420 mm) format, in JPEG, with a minimum of 300 DPI


Cartoonists who participate with more than one work must send them attached at a single time or separately, but with identification of the registration form completed and also attached




    International Prize (other country) – R$ 2.500,00

    National prize (another unit of the federation) – R$ 2.500,00

        1º Prize Federal District – R$ 2.000,00

        2º Prize Federal District – R$ 1.500,00

        3º Prize Federal District – R$ 1.000,00


    Best drawing Federal District

        prejudiced attitudes - R$ 800,00

        coexistence and respect for differences - R$ 800,00

        defense of human rights - R$ 800,00


Popular Award

    Best drawing Federal District:

        prejudiced attitudes - R$ 500,00

        coexistence and respect for differences - R$ 500,00

        defense of human rights - R$ 500,00




 10July 2018


Address for sending artworks:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cooperativa Central Base de Apoio ao Sistema ECOSOL in Distrito Federal Base Brasília Ltda, located in the Setor Hoteleiro Sul - Quadra 1 - Bloco A - Galeria do Hotel Nacional – Lojas 36/37 - Asa Sul - Brasília - Distrito Federal - CEP: 70.322-900


Entry Form:Click Here


Source & For more information:Click Here


Instagram: cartoon.magazine



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