today : Saturday, 24 March 2018
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The First International Caricature Portrait Festival 2018, Beijing, China



World’s famous Portraits in politics, culture, economy, entertainment and etc



-Collect 123 pieces of excellent contributions.

-Innovative and individual works with unlimited style. Unpublished and hand-drawn works would be prior.
-For published works, need clear indications of creation date, exhibition date and awards.
-The maximum number of works for each caricaturist to send to the exhibition is 5.

-After the primary selection, the original manuscript would be needed.
-Each work must be with autographic signature on.

-The size of each work must be between 420x300mm and 800mmx600mm.



The best 30 works would be collected for RMB4000 each

and the rest 93 works would be RMB2000 each



Dec. 30th 2017

-Send the photocopy of the work by e-mail
Deadline: 23rd Jun 2017 - 23rd Oct 2017

-After the primary selection, send the original manuscript to the organizer by post
Deadline: 23rd Oct 2017 - 23rd Dec 2017


Address for sending artworks:

Zhejiang Tao’s Culture & Art
CO.,LTD Room503-505
No.68 Dingan Rd. Shangcheng Dis.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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