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The Big Digital Encyclopaedia of Caricature - Russia



 Down With…!



-Participants are expected to produce work that is based conceptually on the theme of revolution, whether this references specifically the events of 1917 or any other revolution in history, be it red, black-and-white or indeed of any other colour

.We encourage the participants to caricature famous historical figures, making use of allegory and allusion

We will accept works employing any drawing technique, in digital format, size A4, at a resolution of 300 dpi

.An individual artist may enter any number of works without limit

.Collages will be judged along with cartoons in the same category

.Caricatures in the form of portraits will be judged in a separate subcategory

:Deadline for submission



1st Prize: 300 USD

2nd Prize: 200 USD

3rd Prize: 100 USD

Best caricature portrait: 50 USD



 1November 2017


Address for sending artworks:

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